Made to Measure

We are pleased to add Made To Measure garments to our services.

Made to measure is between custom made and off the rack because you do not get a chance to have a fitting before the garment is finished, hence the measurements are very important.  It should be taken by an expert tailor who knows the body structure. Made to measure are done at a factory where the measurements and figure descriptions are all the manufacturer has to work with. Having an inexperienced person take measurements and body structure images is a bad fitted suit “waiting to happen”.

Here at Raj Singh Bespoke Tailors, we have experienced tailors ready to take your measurements. Mr. Raymond Ishmael has been a tailor for over 50 years and Mr. Raj Singh is a master in all the true sense. So come to us and have a great suit every time guaranteed. We also guarantee delivery of your suit within one month. We do weddings, business suits, sports coats, blazers , shirts and trousers.